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Color Photon Beauty Machine

Color Photon Beauty Machine

NO.: BZ-0608C
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Color Photon Health Care Eyes Massage Skin Acne Improve Beauty Device


Item No                     Color Photon Massager
Product Size 14.7*4.9*4.9cm
Product Weight 137.5g
Box Size 19.9*15.9*6.3CM
Input Voltage 100V-240V  50HZ/60HZ
Output Voltage 5V 1A
Apprication all round eye, forehead, face and neck
Light Color Red/blue/yellow
Usage 1 times each morning and evening, each time 10 minutes
Deliverly Days

20 Days



Mainly solve the eyes problems: fade melanin, improve the appearance of fine lines

Red Light Blue Light Yellow Light

625nm red light,promote collagen protein hyperplasia, fade melanin, improve the appearance of fine lines

415nm blue light, improve acne skin                                                    


590nm yellow light, 

activate cell energy, accelerate blood circulation and the new and old cell replacement, effectively

improve dark skin, make skin moist and bright




  • Body and face rejuvenation
  • Elimination forehead wrinkle,corner of the eye wrinkle,eye pouch,dark circle and neck wrinkle
  • Bio-Moisture and rejuvenation
  • Bio-Cellulite eliminate and whitening
  • Bio-Bloodshot removal and skin care


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