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Multifunctional Anti-aging Ultrasonic Photon Ionic Vibration Massager

Multifunctional Anti-aging Ultrasonic Photon Ionic Vibration Massager

NO.: BZ-0107B
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What exactly is the value of a portable photon ultrasonic massage beauty machine? Read more details below to see how deep penetrating massage combined with photon LED light waves actually contribute to incredible skin care to clear, lighten and basically smooth the appearance of your skin. Tha advantages of the varied light choices our product offers is un matched in the beauty industry.


Ultrasound Frequency 3MHz
Ultrasound intensity Low; Middle; High
Red light wave 625nm
Blue light wave 465nm
Green light wave 525n
ion Positive ion
Vibration frequency 19500rp/s
Power Input AC100 `240V
Power Output 15V 400mA
Supersonic probe size 25mm
Body Material ABS plastic
Massage head stainless steel SUS304
Product Size 15.5*4.7*5.4cm
Product Net Weight 224.3g
Rechargeable or not Not rechargeable type
Power Adapter China Adapter(CCC); USA adapter(UL, PSE), European Adapter(GS),  British Adapter(BS),  Australia Adapter (SAA)
Accessories Eye goggles; Power adapter, User manual brochure; Rubber rings
Package 1pcs/gift box; 20pcs/Master Carton
Master Carton Size 52*38.8*39cm
Real G.W per Carton: 12.94kg
CBM per Carton 0.08CMB (volume weight:16kg)
Qty/20GP 6500pcs


Red Light

Green Light

Blue Light

Biological effects: stimulation of

cells with enhanced viability, 

accelerated blood circulation

Treatment effect: the elimination

of yellow face, wrinkles, premature

skin acne, speed of blood 

circulation and promote the 

activation of skin tissue

Application: any skin

Biological effects: it is a natural

color, a neutral and stable effect

Between between the blue and yellow

Treatment effect: regulation of skin

gland function, improve oily skin, 

blackheads , Acne, acne, etc.

Application: oily skin

Biological effects: it is a cold,

pure, deep, light, use will bring

cool feeling, you can parallel and

concentrating the energy function

and the red Instead of light

Treatment effect: to promote the

synthesis of protein and collagen,

the skin and shrink loose skin


Positive Ionic lead out function

Ultrasonic: make cell tissue activity, Stimulate blood

and lymph make virtuous circulation, irritating to 

the skin, increase the skin’s internal secretion 

motility, take care from deep skin, improve wrinkles,

color spots, acne and sagging skin effectively.

Positive Ionic lead out function: According opposite

charges attracts principle, Use device to clear the

dirty and blackheads out completely which is hidden

in the deep pores


Use this device around 8-10minutes per time

Use this device around 2-3 times per week

Please keep your skin moisture when using this device

Please use this device with your skin care cream together.


See detailed instructions:Downloads

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