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Newest Rechargeable Anion Vibration Eye Wrinkle Remover Device 5-in-1 Galvanic beauty Salon Equipment

Newest Rechargeable Anion Vibration Eye Wrinkle Remover Device 5-in-1 Galvanic beauty Salon Equipment

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Newest Rechargeable Anion Vibration Eye Wrinkle Remover Device 5-in-1 Galvanic beauty Salon Equipment

Solve problem: Remove eye pouch,light dark eye circle,remove fine lines and wrinkle.


Red light: wavelength 625 ±3nm/12 LEDs activate cells, promotes the formulation of collagen, remove wrinkles of eyes and Eye pouch.

Blue light: wavelength 465 ±3nm/12 LEDs ,reduce inflammation, Eliminate Acne , the balance of water and oil for oily skin , very suitable oily skin, Acne skin and sensitive skin. 

Negative ionic lead-in: According like charges repel principle, Use device to make nutrition deep in the skin, and absorb nutrition 100% perfectly

Vibrating massager: Improve muscle stimulation, make skin more elasticity, make eye cream/gel  nutrition 100% absorb to your inner skin, remove eye wrinkles, eye bags, eye dark circles and relieve eye fatigue..

Usage :1-2times/day, around 10mins per time

Match product:eye skin care product


1: Strength skin to absorb nutrition.

2: Remove eye dark circle, eye pouch, wrinkles.

3: Treatment acne an sterilization.

4: Ion import nutrition for skin.

5: Vibration massage skin, relieve fatigue.

Effect for skin:

It Remove cosmetic instrument used the principle of microwave pulse current, micro electric current and vibration of generation,stimulate the nerve cell system and cell function, speed up the blood flow and regeneration, better to absorb nutrition, achieve tender skin and anti-wrinkle effect.
A.Vibrating ion beauty apparatus is the total massager to introduce

wrinkle care cream and essence into skin basal layer.

B.Vibrating ion beauty apparatus has a humanized massage head,for easy application to facial contours around face T-zone.

C.Micro vibration enhances the absorption of eye essence. At the same time, micro vibration can accelerate the microcirculation, promote metabolism of skin. Thereby reduces the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate pouch under the eyes, edema, fade dark circles.  

D: Heat can massage eye and face comfortable, remove wrinkles,Relief Eye Fatique.

E. Anti Eye Wrinkle.

F.Tighten Face Skin.

G.Retreat Eye Bag / Black Eye Circle.

H.Let serum essence to faster absorb by skin.

I. Facial Massaging.

7.jpg Microwave frequency vibration  

Microwave frequency vibration per second, 12,000 rpm deep dermis, can soften the residue of cosmetics in pores, grease, blackheads, help to facilitate the discharge of oil secretion, deep export acne and blackheads, pimples and acne, and the formation of cosmetics residues, to prevent the formation of acne blackheads, spots. Heal the bags under the eyes, reducing wrinkles, tighten skin, improve gloss, moist and flexible, the activation of bone collagen hyperplasia, effectively prevent wrinkles, firm skin sagging phenomenon.


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