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Photon Therapy

What is photon therapy?

Nasa by having experiments on LED on Space Shuttle found out that lighting plants with LED increases their energy in cells. They deciphered the effects on other livings and beauty effects on humans.

Beauty effects of photon

Wave length of about 500mm, bluish light

  • Blue wave length has a bactericidal effects on Propionibacterium acnes which are the cause of pimples and spots.

Wave length of about 525mm, green light

  • Green wave length can whiten the skin and make it glossy, calm the skin, and effectively remove dark circles under the eyes. 

Wave length of about 700mm, red light

  • Red LED improves blood circulation and metabolism. It helps collagen to reach deeper into the skin. Infrared light with long wave length
  • Infrared light warms up internal skin which improves blood circulation and pushes out wastes. It helps renewing of the skin.